Is it true that the way you put on your bra could say about your personality?

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It's kind of weird to say about the way we put on the bra, but how exactly did you do that? Behavioral expert  Patti Wood  explains that there are four different ways and that each way tells something about the wearer. Read here what the manner of putting on says about you.

Dr. Wood says that everyday things, such as putting on your bra, show who we really are. The expert reveals, there are four different personalities: the supporter, the  influencer,  the driver and the careful improver.

The supporter

Put on the way of the bra:  you fasten the closure at the back while wearing your bra.

You are responsible and generous and you like traditions and rules. Relationships are important to you, so you are often the one who brings friends together for a drink. People go to you when they need a pep talk.  

The influencer

Putting on the bra style:  You attach your bra to the front of your body and then rotate it 180 degrees backwards.

You are a positive and social person who likes being with people. You are optimistic, persuasive and often guided by your emotions.

The driver

Fashion bra style:  You like bras with a front closure.

This easy closure appeals to you because 'handy' is your middle name. You focus on your end goal and work hard and fast to achieve that goal. You have a clear opinion and are not afraid of a discussion.

Cautious improver

Putting on a bra style:  You put on your bra over your head without first opening the closure.

You often worry about everything. You are a real thinker and do not speak without first thinking about your words. You are also extremely organized and you like to find solutions to problems.  



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