Wearing a bra that is incorrect for your prom dress will affect you're expecting gorgeous look. So, pay a little attention to what bra works best for your prom gown.

1. Strapless Prom Dresses

These are very popular and need a strapless bra. Ideally, the bra should have boning or underwire support in the band or sides of the cup. Because the bra without straps the underwire provide extra support to your breast. Before you buy that prom dress without straps, make sure you'll be okay wearing an underwire bra.

2. Halter Neck Prom Dress

This is very traditional, but it does need a halter bra to accompany it. Buy a bra with adjustable straps and ensure that the straps are thin enough to be discreetly hidden under the straps of the dress.

3. Plunging Neckline Prom Dress

This style can enhance a woman's bust and make her look very sexy. You need an underwire demi-cup bra. Small size lady might also require a bra with extra padding to enhance your cleavage.

4. Backless Prom Dress

For this style of gown, you need a strapless silicone bra. Because the bra has no straps for support, it requires adhesive strips on the inside of the cups to keep them in place.

The last but not least, try the bra and dress on together well before going to the prom. Therefore you can change the bra or buy another one if necessary. Be patience, you're going to be the beautiful one for prom.

Mai 28, 2019 — Jessica wang
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