Women of different chest types should choose the style and type of bras that suits them. For girls aged 16-18, you can choose a bra with a wire to better shape the chest. In addition, women should select different bras for work or at home.

1. Wear wire-free bra during menstrual period

Breasts will appear congestion, swelling, and pain during the menstrual period. At this time, wear those loose bras will be better. Conversely, if you continue to wear an underwire bra with a push-up effect, it may aggravate the pain of menstrual period.

2. Wear a bra with shaping effect at work

This kind of bra can effectively hold up the breast and has a certain shaping effect. It is suitable for women to wear during working hours or important activities. It is recommended that the fabric of the bra should be made of a natural material such as pure cotton.

3. Choose sports bras at home

The sports bra has neither a steel ring and also no padded. It is very similar to the natural state of the breast, and there is no pressure when wear. Although it can not be as beautiful as a push-up bra, it can also prevent breast sagging. It is suitable for women with full breasts and sagging breasts. When women go home after work, remove the bra, massage the breasts properly, and then put on a sports bra. Of course, women can stay at home without wearing a bra.

In a word, comfort is the most important thing when wearing a bra.

Juli 27, 2019 — Jessica wang
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