It is always recommended to hand wash your bras as these small pieces of textiles are delicate and needs proper care and obviously, bras should be taken care of properly as they take care of your loved assets.

But, here we are going to talk about how to machine wash your bras. We know that these days nobody has enough time to hand wash as life is fast-paced be it accelerated by Colleges, work institutions, hangouts Or other stuff.

Following are some things that you should take care of while machine washing your Bras.

1. Wash on the Gentle

Here we try to replicate the hand wash by using the gentle mode on the washing machine. It is just about 2 things, speed of rotation and spin cycle. Lower the speed the better it is.

The idea is to cause less stress and abrasion i.e. lesser force. So, make it gentle, making it delicate.

2. Get the right detergent on board

You will find a plethora of detergents in the Market. We are witnessing an era of globalization where commercialization takes over. Though globalization is necessary for the consumers one needs to be vigilant about what is of actual use and no-frills.

A point to note is that one detergent will not serve all needs, delicate clothing needs a delicate detergent and you will need a bit harsh one to remove your jeans stains.

3. Bag your Bras

It is advisable to put your bras into a net bag and then put it in the washing machine for washing.

It helps in the following:

Prevents Tangling

Prevents Snagging

And yes, do not overstuff the Bag!

4. Same with Same

Do not mix all the clothes while washing. Though you have put the Bras in a separate bag still do not wash it with denim/Tees because these both are different materials and require different treatment.

5. Air Dry them

Do NOT put your bras into a dryer, always air dry them. It will keep your bra’s health awesome.

If you will keep the above-discussed points in mind, your bra’s life and quality will be enhanced.

März 19, 2019 — Jessica wang
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