When bra shopping for big boobs, it can be a confusing world. In the modern world, there are tonnes of different bra types to help support your boobs and make them look their best. So, where do you start?  

The experts are Wingslove recommend one of the best bra types for big boobs - the minimizer bra.  

This may be a bra you’ve heard of before, but, what exactly is the minimizer bra and how can it help women with bigger boobs?  

In this article, we will explain everything you need to know about the minimizer bra and allow you to see clearly whether it’s the right fit for you.  

minimizer bra

What actually is a minimizer bra?

The first place we need to start is by explaining what the minimizer bra actually is! Well, the name plays a big clue. The minimizer bra does exactly that - minimizes the appearance of your boobs, making them look smaller than they actually are.  

This works by compressing the boobs, giving them a more subtle shape, while making them feel both secure and comfortable.  

How much will a minimizer bra actually minimize? Well, a good minimizer bra can reduce your bust by up to 1.5 inches!  

What are the benefits of a minimizer bra?

Let’s face it - big boobs can make life difficult. Without the right bra, it can make shirts look like they’re about to pop, or have you spilling out of that lovely black dress, at no fault of your own!

A minimizer bra helps to take away those issues.

You no longer have to buy a larger sized shirt and lose that lovely fit. A minimizer bra will help to decrease your boob size, keep everything in the right place and allow you to walk around freely without worrying if the shirt is going to bust open!  

minimizer bra 2

So, how does it work its magic?  

Right now, the minimizer bra sounds like something a magician would be proud of, right? But, the way it works is pretty simple. A minimizer bra simply moves things around in a comfortable way. 

It spreads your breast tissue across the chest area, making your boobs seem smaller in size while giving you the added support desperately needed.  

Obviously, your boobs are still the same size (the minimizer can’t perform a miracle like that just yet!) but they appear much smaller and evenly proportioned.

Ok, I want one!  

Purchasing a good minimizer bra can truly change your day-to-day boob related struggles, but just like every bra, you need to do some research.  

Remember, every bra shop has different sizes, so we recommend speaking to them personally first before purchasing. Wingslove use an online chat, on their website, allowing you to get the answers you need instantly!   

In fact, Wingslove have a wide variety of minimizer bras - from nude look minimizers all the way to the lacey numbers!  

Take a look at their range here.

June 19, 2019 — Lily Wang

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