WingsLove Women's Medium Impact Seamless Sports Bra

Speaking of a sports bra, I believe everyone will not be unfamiliar. It is undeniable that women wear a sports bra to protect their breasts and reduce chest shaking when exercising. Therefore, there will be many people who have these questions: Can a sports bra be worn every day, and can a sports vest be worn as a bra? Next, let's explain this problem.

Why wear a sports bra?

The sports bra that is specially worn as a girl when exercising is wearing a firm and stable vest model and a highly elastic material to effectively fix and protect the breast, preventing the girl from shaking when exercising. Dangling to alleviate breast pain or sagging caused by strenuous exercise.

Therefore, in order to better protect their chest, women should choose medium impact sports bra or high impact sports bra according to the intensity of exercise.

The danger of wearing a sports bra for a long time.

Although sports bra can protect the breasts to the greatest extent, reducing chest shaking and friction, but in daily life (non-exercise state), long-term wear of sports underwear is harmful.

Because the models of sports bra are to increase the contact area between the breast and the chest muscles, improve the friction, and thus reduce the amplitude and frequency of the breast shaking, which is why the sports bra is worn flat.

In addition, the positioning of a sports bra is the bra worn by girls when they are exercising, so the fabrics are mainly made of the high elasticity, quick-drying and strong perspiration. Therefore, the highly elastic material determines the tightness of the sports bra. It is an unhealthy attitude to live through long-term tight bra!

The main role of ordinary underwired bra worn in daily life is to properly fix the breast and support the breast. The direction of the normal bra is pulled upwards, and the force of the sports bra compressing the back of the breast is essential.

June 04, 2019 — Jessica wang
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