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Pregnant women, as a special group, not only should pay attention to their own safety, but also pay attention to the safety of the baby, and the bra worn by pregnant women is also very particular. Let’s take a look at whether pregnant women are suitable for wearing an underwire bra.

Pregnant women during pregnancy will be affected by hormones in the body, and the level of estrogen will increase the sensitivity and pain of the breast. If the pregnant woman wears an underwire bra to compress the breast, the chest will be more painful and uncomfortable. Therefore, we do not recommend that pregnant women wear an underwire bra. 

The disadvantages of pregnant women wearing underwire bra:

A.Compression of the liver

When the underwear with the steel ring is worn by the pregnant woman, the position of the steel ring is just in the vicinity of the human liver. The shoulder movement of the human body is large, and the shoulder strap of the underwear is not fixed, which will cause the steel ring to shift and press the liver. Several acupuncture points can easily lead to the poor running of the meridians.

B.Affecting nipple development

If the underwire bra is not adjusted, the pregnant woman will rub the nipple for a long time, causing itching and even prone to nipple retraction.

C.Cause shoulder pain

Underwire bra needs to be adjusted in time, thickness and width are not standardized, pregnant women will increase in breasts during pregnancy, chest weight will increase, if long-term wear of shoulder straps is not tight, uneven thickness of steel underwear will cause shoulder pain.

D.Induced breast disease

Pregnant women wearing underwire bra will move the excess meat on both sides of the armpit to the chest, pushing the squats on the back and back of the waist, which will cause the lymphatics to block downwards, outwards, and back to the armpits, possibly causing the mammary glands. Hardening, obstruction of the milk duct, long-term wear can easily induce various breast diseases.

Therefore, we recommend that pregnant women should not wear underwire bras, especially in the middle and late pregnancy, breastfeeding bra should be worn for pregnant women.

June 21, 2019 — Jessica wang
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