Can You Donate Old Bras?

According to relevant department statistics: textiles, including bras, make up almost 6% of today’s solid waste in landfills. Instead, there are many ways to donate, recycle, and reuse them. 

Can you donate old bras?

Do you have old bras lying around? Don’t throw them away! You often think that can you donate old bras to charity? Can you donate old bras to goodwill?

Yes, we can. A call to advocate for our action for the Sustainable Development Goals. Check with manufacturers: Some lingerie companies have recycling programs for their own products. Reach out to the brands of your old bras and inquire if they have any initiatives in place for recycling or repurposing their products.


Where to donate old bras? How To Donate Used Bras?

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What to do with old bras? What to do with your old bras?

  1.  Donate old bras: The best way to dispose of bras while they are still usable: donate.
  2. Recycle old bras: The bra can be used again, turning waste into treasure. There are various DIY tutorials available online that can guide you through the process.

Repurpose old bras example:

(1): High-heeled shoes are generally easy to wear on the feet, and the sponge in the underwear is relatively soft. We can use the sponge pad to relieve or prevent the shoes from rubbing the feet;

(2): Like the lace of lace bras and the lace embroidery of embroidered bras, we can also use them to make all kinds of handcrafts we like (brooches, clothes modification);

(3): Bras made of smooth fabrics are more comfortable to the touch, and can be easily made into temporary or disposable slippers.

(4): The underwear that can still be used can also be used to sew on clothes or skirts, so that it can also be worn as home clothes. Even wearing a backless dress will become much more convenient and not afraid of embarrassment.

(5): The shoulder straps on the underwear are thin and long, and can also be used as necklaces or other accessories. Add different decorations according to your preferences, and become what you like.

(6): It can also be used as knee pads in winter. It is also very useful to protect the knees, and it will be very fulfilling to make it by yourself;

(7): It can be turned into a wrist pad. If you use the computer for a long time, you will have a mouse hand. If you use the bra The sponge inside is slightly sewn to meet the comfort of the wrist, which can be used to prevent the formation of mouse hands.

It can also be used as knee pads in winter.

(8): Fireproof mask: After a bra is disassembled, it can be turned into two masks, which are more effective in avoiding smog, and the air permeability is much better than those masks on the market; in case of emergency, when a fire occurs, Sprinkle some water on the bra, and it becomes a life-saving escape tool, effectively preventing thick smoke.

(9): If there are many bras that need to be processed, remove the old bras and use the sponge to fill the cushion to make the cushion softer.

(10): If you have certain manual skills, after sewing the bra together and modifying the appearance, it can become a unique wallet.

You have more ideas, welcome to join our blog and leave a message to discuss together. Reusing old bra waste can save money and be environmentally friendly, and it is absolutely unique, and it can also improve hands-on ability.

June 21, 2023 — LoveWings

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