Our breast size and shape changes regularly –

For example, with fluctuations in weight, hormonal changes, pregnancy, and the growing and ageing process.

If you’ve faithfully stuck to your trusty 34B for years, then the chances are it may no longer be the best fit.

An ill-fitting bra can damage your back and neck,

put unnecessary pressure on your lymph nodes and cause your breasts to drop further

– and once you lose elasticity, you can’t get it back!

Here are three easy questions to help you spot if you are in the wrong bra:

After wearing your bra for a while, when you stand side-on and look in the mirror.
Is the back of your bra higher than the front? 

(as opposed to being in a straight line around your body).

  1. Do your breasts spill out of your bra cup (causing a ‘double boob’ effect) 
  2. Does the underwire at the side of your bra feel squidgy when you press it, rather than hard?
  3. Are you wearing the following clothe sizes on your top half with the following bra size?

Dress and Bra Band Size Guide

8-10 Bigger than 32

12 Bigger than 34

14 Bigger than 36

16 32 or smaller or bigger than 38

18 32 or smaller or bigger than 40

If you answered yes to any of these, you are likely to be in the wrong bra!
Read on for five simple steps to finding the perfect fit for you – it only takes 5 minutes!

April 08, 2022 — Jessica wang

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