Panties as close-fitting clothing, there is basically no chance of exposure, so many women will be extraordinarily free when choosing panties. In fact, the selection of panties is particularly important, especially in the summer.

There are three basic common senses of panties, which can avoid the embarrassment of wearing panties in summer.

1. Do not choose a dark color

In summer, the overall dress is generally light-colored, if you still choose dark red, dark green, dark black, and other dark panties. When paired with a light-colored exterior, the eye-catching tones are completely exposed, which will be very embarrassing.

2. Do not wear tight briefs

Many people think that tight-fitting panties have the effect of slimming and hips. But this is also the culprit in the deformation of the buttocks. If you like to wear thin casual pants or a hip skirt, don't wear tight panties.

3. Choose a breathable material

Summer is a season of sedentary and sweating. Therefore, we can choose cotton panties, silk or nylon panties to avoid the sweat of the buttocks.

July 19, 2019 — Jessica wang
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