As you might be able to tell from their name, minimizer bras work to minimize your bust. This type of bra helps your breasts appear smaller while still flattering and not compromising the natural shape of your bust and body.


Minimizer bras feature a layer of comfortable padding that extends throughout the entirety of the bra, not just at the bottom of the cups. This padding provides the support and security that women with larger busts need to get through the day. However, the padding is even throughout the bra so it doesn’t make your breasts look bigger like other padded bras do.

Who said a minimizing bra can’t be hot? “I am large-chested, and it supports me just right without being tight,” writes one pleased reviewer. “It lets my breasts sit [the way that feels] most comfortable. I love love love it.”

May 27, 2022 — WangLily

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