WingsLove Women's 3 Pack Sexy String Tangas Thong Panties

How often do you change your panties? Is it a day or a change in two days? Is it the same day, or is it washed the next day? How to wash panties is not easy to infect bacteria?
Continue to look down to learn more.

1.Panties recommended hand wash

Many experts said that the brief panties are cleaned by hand, but the disadvantage of hand washing is that the cleaning agent is often not cleaned and cannot be completely wrung out after washing. Machine wash is easy to rinse, but it can't be cleaned thoroughly, and it is easy to get rid of bacteria in other clothes.

2.Washing panties are separated from other clothes

Panties are in contact with physiological parts and is therefore different from the requirements of clothing and pants. When cleaning, especially remember to use separate laundry products, and can not be washed with other clothes, otherwise it will easily lead to the spread of external pathogens and pollution sources to the panties.

3.Wash the panties with a separate basin

It is best to prepare a special cleaning utensil when cleaning the panties to avoid infection.

4.How to wash panties during the physiological period

The panties in the physiological period should pay more attention to hygiene. If it is stained with blood, it can be cleaned with soap and water. If it can't be washed, you can use the double-oxygen water droplets to disinfect the wound. The blood stain can be effectively decomposed.

5.The panties are changed on the same day

No matter how clean the sexy panties are, you must change them on the same day. Of course, it is also necessary to wash on the same day. Once the panties are overnight, it will cause bacteria to grow and increase the difficulty of cleaning.

August 24, 2019 — Jessica wang
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