Silicone bras are also known as invisible bras, it is a semi-circular bra made of polymer synthetic material that is very close to human breast muscle tissue. especially popular during the summer months. Because in the summer, girls will like to wear some charming slings, off-shoulders and open-backs clothes.


A. The fit is good, so the chest and the invisible bra are basically sealed after being worn, and there is no air left, which can be integrated with your breast. Because of this, the silicone invisible bra can be worn to swim without worrying about falling.

B. The effect of breast enhancement is good. The invisible bra of silicone is generally thicker. Even the thinnest silicone invisible bra is thicker than the fabric.

C. Because the material and the skin are very close, the touch is very real.


A. Silicone invisible bras generally have a weight of about 100g, and some can weigh more than 400g. Some women who used such materials before, generally feel that the chest has a large pressure.

B. An invisible bra made of silicone material, due to its own material, since 2003 there have been no breakthrough improvements in design (such as venting holes), so the breathability is not good. Symptoms such as erythema and itching may occur when worn for a long time.

Therefore, wear the silicone bra according to the correct method of use, avoid wearing it for a long time, in order to maintain the beauty without affecting the health of the breast.

May 18, 2019 — Jessica wang
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