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The chest is the proudest feature of a woman, and it is also a fragile existence. In recent years, various breast diseases have occurred frequently, which is a warning to the majority of women.

In order to keep your chest in a healthy state, not only must you choose the right sexy bra, but the follow-up care is also very important. The core of the bra is the cleaning of bra.

So, what are the precautions we have when cleaning bra?

1.Wash separately from other clothing

It is necessary to clean the bra separately from other clothes, especially lace bra, because the clothes of the outerwear are exposed to the external environment for a long period of time, and various germs and fungi are creepy and must not be mixed together for cleaning. At the same time, the behavior that directly into the washing machine to clean must be eliminated!

2.Wash with warm water

Many people think that only immersing the inside of boiling water can play a role in sterilization, but it is not. Because boiling water will be the color of the bra discoloration, causing secondary pollution.

The most suitable water temperature for cleaning bra is 30℃-40℃, which can kill most of the bacteria without destroying the fiber structure of the bra.

3.Avoid squeezing the water directly by hand

It is well known that the inside of the underwire bra will be fixed with a steel ring and a sponge for the shape of the bra.

Therefore, we must not directly dry the water by hand after cleaning. This will deform the sponge and the steel ring, lose the support and protection of the chest.

4.Dry in the cool and ventilated place

Drying the bra in the indoor ventilation area can ensure that the moisture of the bra can be quickly transpiration without giving the bacteria breeding time, and can prevent the fading caused by exposure.

July 24, 2019 — Jessica wang
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