How to care for a light-colored bra

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In the hot summer, in order to keep cool and comfortable, fashionable girls will definitely prepare a few light-colored bras, but the fact that the light-colored bra is difficult to care for, makes most girls feel headaches. Next, let’s learn how to care for a light-colored bra.

A. Bra turns yellow

Food has a shelf life, and of course bra. We know that when the bra has a reduced shoulder strap or back buckle, the bra is twisted or the edges are not flat, you need to consider replacing a new bra This is because when a piece of bra is used for more than 3 months, the fabric and function of the bra will have different degrees of wear and tear, which will affect the wearing effect. The yellowing of bra is another warning signal that “exceeds the shelf life”.

So how do you want to slow down the speed of the bra to turn yellow? The best way is to wash it with cold water.

Although it is convenient to use a washing machine to clean the bra, but it usually will accelerate the loss of the , making the bra more likely to turn yellow and damaged. Especially the lace bra, only by hand cleaning can better protect its material, extend the lifespan.

B. What it with dark clothes and accidentally dyed

The bra is dyed mainly because of the color loss of the outer garment, especially when it is easy to sweat in . Therefore, it is recommended that you wear a light-colored bra with a similar color inside or outerwear.

If the bra is accidentally dyed with other colors, you can soak it with water and the color can be removed after a day.

Small mildew on

The sweltering weather during the rainy season or high humidity can easily lead to the drying of the bra and the growth of mold. Therefore, after cleaning the bra, it should be hung in an easy-to-ventilate place to dry. In the rainy season, you should prepare more sets of wire-free bra for replacement.

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