Three types of bras Most Men never know. The third may surprise you.

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Every female has different chest sizes which they need to choose the best fit bras to make them feel convenient in every move of them. However, bras has been made with many different types and sizes to conform the need to every women. There are three types of bra that are the most wearable for women.

  1. Push-up bra

It is considered as one of the most wearable bra for women in adult age. No bra can beat the push-up bra when it comes to heave the breast higher. This style specially fits with those who do not have breasts symmetry. Adding on its benefits, this bra is not only to make women more comfortable but to bring more confident to them.

  1. Strapless bras

Some female want to take advantage from the unpleasant bras which some bras may hurt their shoulders, causing them uncomfortable feeling during their daily activities. Strapless bra can give comfort and freedom to women and display as a trendy fashion style for some women recently.

  1. Strapless sticky bra

Strapless sticky bra is a cousin of strapless bra. You may have usually seen it on the advertisements or magazines. This collection is best fit for lighter weight breasts. This sticky bra is also best suited for those who wish to lift their breasts together with the backless outfits. It is easy for them to wear and take off in case of urgent occassion



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