DO NOT wear bra more than 6 months ! Here the reason

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We've got the same questions from our customers asking about the lifespan of their bras. We are aware that they are truly care about their health and comfort as we've been serving them. Technically, some bras can be used more than a year if we could make them clean and hygiene.

Some women may use the same two or three bras on rotation for years because they are the most favorite to them. Even though you like those two or three bras the most, you should give yourself with love and support to avoid your health from diseases.

Can we wear the same bra forever?

Sure, you can. But when bra is getting old, it has lost its function and is not comfortable to wear once it's stretching and changing the shape. It may not be flexible properly to support your movement.

So, how long can we keep the bra?

A study found that 35% of women in U.S purchase a new bra for themselves once a year while 37% purchase a new one after six month. Some experts agree that bra's lifespan is dependent on how it's worn. If women wear the same bras almost everyday, you can't expect it to last more than a month.

Experts suggest to have four or five bras that can be used for a least a year. They recommend to have four or five basic strapless bras, T-shirt bra, backless bra and some lace bras.

It is revealed that many women may have a couple favorite bras in constant rotation. They obviously need to be replaced after six months if they are the only two favorite bras that women pretty much wear every day.


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