Wingslove Lightly Padded Push Up Demi T-Shirt Bra

Every woman needs to wear a bra, whether it is underwired bra or wireless bra, which protects the woman's breasts and effectively isolates bacteria from pollution. So is it that a bra can be worn all the time as long as it is not rotten?

Actually, it's not correct. It is good for physical and mental health to replace the new brain time. Unsuitable underwear can cause the body to have a mark, and even cause skin spots and acne. Women's breasts are particularly fragile, and the surrounding skin is particularly delicate and susceptible to bacterial infections. If the bra is not replaced for a long time and wears the unclean bra may even cause breast cancer.

Generally speaking, the cumulative wearing time of the same bra is up to 6 months. If the wearing time is longer, it will not support the chest because of the deformation. In addition, according to changes in your body (generally the body is a change cycle every 10 months or 3 months )  to change the model and style of the sexy bra. Never use a bra that has lost its vitality for the sake of economy, the result of this is a loss that cannot be recovered with money.

To re-add your own best wire-free bras, you have to love yourself more!

March 23, 2019 — Jessica wang
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