The topic of choice of bras has actually been discussed by female users numerous times. Lingerie designers around the world have repeatedly stressed that most women don't know how to wear a bra now, or the bra they buy is not suitable for themselves. So how do we choose the bras?

1. Measure your cup and band size

First, we have to determine our own size. Size includes two aspects: the cup and the band size. The cup refers to A, B, C, D, and E cups that we often say. These letters represent the size of the cup, which is the difference between the human bust and the band.

2. Analysis of common cup

3/4 cup: This is the most common style in bra design, which has strong support and side force. It can effectively support the chest and show a sexy and charming cleavage. It has a large correction effect on the chest shape. It is suitable for most women with a chest shape. For this cup, the medium C cup women would be the fittest.

Full cup: The whole cup is spherical, wrapping all the breasts and has a strong tolerance and lifting effect. Generally, the full cup design has C, D, E cup. Suitable for women with full breasts and sagging breasts.

1/2 cup: The whole bra is hemispherical, and the front and bottom of the cup are parallel lines, which can cover 1/2 of the breast area. With a uniform support force, the chest can be supported upwards, and the lifting effect is very strong. However, stability is slightly weak and does not present a cleavage, so it is more suitable for women wearing AB cups.

Three-dimensional cup: Generally, it is a two-piece or three-piece draping. It is a relatively thin quilted cup. It is comfortable and natural, and has no pressure and presents a naturally rounded chest shape. But it is suitable for those women with full chest shape.

3. Analyze the function of different bras

Adjustable: The adjustable bra is enough to adjust the body, concentrate and fix the fat, and correct the spinal cord and correct the posture. It has the functions of gathering, side collection, and lifting. It can be used for retouching for people whose shape are not ideal.

Wirefree: Generally speaking, the bra is divided into wire-free and underwire. Bras with wire on the market are the majority, especially for adjustable bras. For wire-free bras, it is common in sports bras or nursing bras. But nowadays, due to the pursuit of health and comfort, it also uses in many basic bras on the market.

July 13, 2019 — Jessica wang
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Beatrice Marion said:

I am wanting to purchase a few bras. I am not sure what seize to order. My band is 30 and bust 38

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