Finding the right size sports bra is just as important as a regular bra. You’ll want to find one that can support you through the toughest of sessions and part of that involves nailing the correct fit. Something extra important if you’re someone with larger breasts and could use additional support.

According to a University of Portsmouth study, unsupported breasts can move up to 14cm during vigorous or strenuous exercise. Experience this often enough, and you could be at risk of permanent damage to the Cooper's ligaments that help to hold your breasts in place. Even more reason to make sure you know how to pick the one for you.

Unlike regular bras, where the choice is often between underwired, wireless or strapless, sports bras come in a range of different supports, so you can customise your fit.

  • Low support = best for Yoga and walking (most ideal for smaller cup sizes, AA–B)
  • Medium support = dancing, strength training, cycling, low-impact exercise (Pilates and Barre) and skiing
  • High support = best for running, aerobics and HIIT (most ideal for larger cup sizes, D+)
April 08, 2022 — WangLily

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