We wear panties every day, but many women still don't know what should be paying attention to when they wearing panties.

1. String tanga thong panties should not be worn often

Although wearing thongs will be very sexy, but the lower rope is easy to rub with the private parts of the skin, resulting in redness, ulceration and so on. Therefore, it is recommended that do not often wear them.

2. Do not wear chemical fiber panties
Normally, chemical fiber material underwear should not be chosen, because the chemical fiber permeability and moisture absorption are very poor. The parties may be getting damp all day which will cause inflammation. Therefore, the best choice is cotton panties.

3. Do not wear too tight panties
When you wear tight panties will frequent friction with the vulva, anus, urethra. So that the bacteria in this area are an easy entry into the vagina or urethra. It will cause infection of the urinary or reproductive system.

4. Do not wear dark-colored panties
Women generally determine whether there is a gynecological disease or other diseases through the leucorrhea color. Once you choose dark colored panties, then it is not easy to find the abnormal leucorrhea. It will miss the best treatment timing

5. Wear panties during menstrual period alone
The adhesive behind the sanitary napkin can make the sanitary napkin firmly adhere to the panties, but this adhesive will not be completely removed from panties after washing. Although it is currently impossible to determine whether the adhesive is harmful or not. No matter what the substance is, it can directly threaten the female's physical health.

 In order to stay healthy, please keep in mind what shouldn't do when wearing panties.

May 10, 2019 — Jessica wang
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