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Bras have always been a must-have for women, but there are many types of bras. Different bras are required for different occasions. How do you wear bras according to different occasions? Here are the tips for wearing bras on 6 occasions.


Because there is no special need at home, it is best to wear a cotton bra with good breathability and comfort, or not wearing it.


When you attend a dinner party, you usually wear a dress. Sometimes you will wear a strapless style. You should wear a strapless bra at this time. Otherwise, the shoulder strap will be very embarrassing. In addition to the dinner, the wedding is the same. The most important thing about the dinner is that the dress looks good and it will give others a comfortable feeling.


When exercising, such as running and doing yoga, the body will vibrate. The chest can easily swim around and even sway. At this time, wearing a sports bra can effectively limit the chest and maintain the original position of the chest. In addition, strenuous exercise is still necessary to wear a little underwear, so that the chest will not be injured.


In the pool or on the beach, if you feel that your chest is not tall enough, you can wear a silicone invisible bra, so that you can present the same chest shape as usual, keep your chest from sagging, and make you look more attractive.


Because breastfeeding women need to breastfeed their babies, they should choose a breastfeeding bra that is easy to feed.


Postpartum women's chest muscles are easy to soft, and it is prone to sagging. At this time, it is best to wear a full coverage bra with a wide shoulder strap. It can wrap all the breasts and repair the chest shape.

June 29, 2019 — Jessica wang
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