Shopping for bras - it’s been a lifelong struggle since we hit our early teens!  

You’d be forgiven in thinking it’s easier now - with the Internet giving us everything at our fingertips, but it’s always been difficult. Well, that was until we came across WingsLove… 

The underwear brand, who specialize mainly in the area of bras, finally had a message we wanted to hear - a message that they care.  

They know what you want

The first thing we noticed on the WingsLove website is how much they talk about comfort and address the common issues us ladies have with bras. They already answer many of your questions without you having to delve too into the product description.  

WingsLove’s Josie told us:  

“We are a team of ladies that have all experienced the difficulty in finding the right bra and the distress and uncomfortable days out when we choose the wrong one! Our main mission was to let our shoppers know that we are there to help them resolve the issues once and for all!”  

Honesty is key 

Something that is huge, when we are shopping online, is honesty. There are so many lookalike products and cheap knock-offs online that it can become a tough place to shop. WingsLove have the same ethos as us - that honesty is key.  

Not only do they give in-depth descriptions of their products, they even tell you whether the bras is right for you - and if it’s not - they will tell you!  

You can use their online chat to get quick answers to your questions. Saves time!  

Support for the A-cups and H-cups, worldwide 

Don’t you hate it when you find that perfect bra and then suddenly you realize the online store is based in Australia and don’t ship to your country?! Don’t worry, we’ve all been there.  

So, when we heard WingsLove ship worldwide, they got our attention.  

We know many women with bra-shopping problems, especially our more busty friends. It can be super hard to find something that supports you as well as looking great. Winglslove have a great range of bras aimed at the bigger cups, including their Minimizer Bra range.  

The cherry on the cake? They offer FREE returns too if you aren’t happy with it.  

Not all heroes wear capes.  

Enjoy 30% OFF 

If that wasn’t enough to entice you in checking out the brand, which is making big noise in the bra world, then how about 10% OFF? Yes, we are able to offer you an exclusive discount on your Wingslove purchase. Just simple use the code WL10 at the checkout! 

June 02, 2022 — WangLily

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