Most of the girls are really like the old-fashioned design, because it is very retro and super invincible, and looks better and better every time seeing it.

The leather of this bag is the kind of particularly durable PVC canvas stitched brown leather, which is very rough. This leather has almost no scratches and has a really large capacity. There are three large layers, and there are several small ones inside. Layered, but can hold a lot of things, although it is the hard skin, it really can carry a lot of things, we do really love it and highly recommend it.

handbagGucciGucci bag

And It is the multiway wearing design, can be carried on one shoulder or diagonally, I think now the lowest price to buy Gucci 1955 Horsebit shoulder bag should be in Australia. See the Gucci 1955 shoulder bag in the natural light, really awesome and amazing!!!

handbagGucci 1955coat

March 25, 2020 — Lily Wang

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