Summer is coming, and it is the time for Bralette to "run". I believe every girl is no stranger to Bralette, right? This kind of comfortable bra with wire-free and non-padded has become very popular in recent years, especially in the hot summer, it isn't only fashionable, but also more breathable and comfortable than lightly padded bras. The style of this lingerie is generally sexy and pleasant, even if it is only suitable for small breasts, but just appreciate the beautiful design, it also causes extreme comfort.

Matched Bralette well would be very fashionable. At this time, the small-breasted girls become the envy of the big-breasted sisters. Because of this kind of bra with low-necked, backless and so on, it is the very high-level exposure.

wirefree bra

On the contrary, girls who like to push up bras don't like Bralette, because Bralette almost doesn’t have support force that the chest can show the most natural and natural shape, making women look sexier.

Its styling has added design from the sporty cotton plain surface, lace design, and the cute shape, adding more visibility to this style of bra can be exposed outside.

The unintentional squeezing of the chest makes others look very comfortable with it. In addition, it makes you look very thin, and the clavicle on the chest is generous and sexy.

seamless bra

Many fashion brands have been attracted by the charm of Bralette in recent years. They have launched beautiful Bralette product lines, which have not only brought huge sales to the brand but also brought a lot of sales of products such as low collars, T-shirts, coats. It seems that the attractiveness of bralette cannot be ignored.


How to wear Bralette well?

Of course, the function of Bralette is underwear, which was originally worn inside, but because of its beautiful design, it can be worn as an indispensable fashionable item. So how to wear Bralette? We can share several ways to wear outside.

lace bra

The Most Casual: Vaguely Revealed

1. Vaguely revealing the Bralette lace edge is the most daily dressing method, and it is also the most popular and acceptance wear style, the looming lace edge is very sexy.


2. The vest strap can only be attached to a nipple cover or Nubra? No, no, no, a Bralette is more charming and fashionable!

underwire bra

3. The shirt is unbuttoned Look, sexy and casual in one, paired with jeans that are both neutral and have a small woman feel.

4. Bralette and bib pants should be one of the best choices for the music festival, cool and sexy really fit the tone of the festival.


The Sexiest: Semi-permeable top

1. Wearing a Bralette inside and a semi-sheer tulle top or skirt can be said to be the sexiest match, and it is very beautiful, making girls become a little fairy in a second.

2. Everyone is no stranger to the tulle skirt at the music festival, one of the must-see looks.

3. Black Bralette with an embroidered printed translucent top.


Most fashionable: with jacket

1. Looking at the jacket with the bracelet, Look is really atmospheric and fashionable, it will not look too naked, and a favorite way of fashion people.

lace underwire bra

2. In the neutral blazer, a sexy lace edge is exposed, which neutralizes the overall aggressiveness, and makes the collocation playful.

lace bra

3. KK's whole light blue suit with a black bralette should not be too fashionable. And even look good with a denim jacket.


4. Directly wearing it will test the ability to match, not only to choose a bracelet with a certain thickness but also to choose a slightly longer hem, so as not to make you look.

5. Especially on the beach or summer vacation, bralette and shorts really match.


March 31, 2020 — Lily Wang

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