The underwire bra refers to a type of bra with steel support at the bottom of the cup, which can better fix the chest shape to prevent the female chest from sagging and expanding and to support the chest type. However, the "underwire bra" is not suitable for all women to wear.

1. Women in the menstrual period

When women in the menstrual period, the chest tends to have a sense of swelling. At this time, wearing an underwire bra will increase the discomfort and pain of the chest. Therefore, it is easy to understand that women in the physiological period are not suitable for wearing underwire bras.

2.pregnant women

Many midwives and underwear manufacturers do not advocate wearing underwire bras during the gestation period. Because the wires of the bra may interfere with the size and shape of the breasts, hinder blood circulation, squeeze the lactiferous system, causing chest pain and discomfort. It may even cause problems such as mastitis, vesicular occlusion, and so on. Therefore, it is best to choose a professional nursing bra for pregnant women or lactating women.

3. When women are exercising

When women are exercising, the breasts tend to swing up and down, which greatly affects the quality of women's exercise. However, wearing a bra with a steel ring is not only inconvenient to exercise, but also easily causes damage to the chest, especially for running, ball game, jumping, etc. Therefore, what we need more is a sports bra, not an underwire bra.

Although the underwire bra has a more aesthetic effect, the length and curvature of the rim are not so easy to match, it will put more pressure on the chest. Therefore, you should choose the bra that suits you according to your actual situation.

April 09, 2019 — Jessica wang
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