Summer is different from autumn and winter, and you need to pay attention when wearing a bra. There are a lot of off-the-shoulders and halters in the girls' wardrobe in summer. You need to wear a bra properly to avoid various problems!

1. Do not use nipple covers for a long time

Shoulder straps may not be suitable for wearing a strapless halter, for which everyone will choose to use the nipple covers or silicone bra. but the nipple cover relies on the adhesive to firmly adhere to the skin. Therefore, they are not breathable or skin-friendly. If worn for a long time, the skin on the chest will not breathe normally and hinder blood circulation. It is best not to wear for more than 10 hours, and pay attention to cleaning in time.

2. Don't wear a thick-padded cup

Although thicker bra can make the chest look bigger, the thicker part is easy to cover the chest skin, resulting in breathing. The bra is easily soaked with sweat, covered with moldy spots. And wearing a thicker bra in summer is also very hot. You can choose a lightly padded bra.

4. Exercise to wear sports underwear

In the summer, in order to have a good body, the lady started the exercise and fitness model, but many ladies do not have the habit of wearing sports. Compared with an ordinary bra, the sports bra is more supportive, which can effectively reduce the shaking of the chest, thus keeping the movement.

Therefore, it is important to wear underwear properly in the summer.

April 25, 2019 — Jessica wang
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