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Summer is coming, as the temperature rises, the clothes are worn less and less. At this time, the bra needs to be replaced as well. In order to adapt to different clothes, bra matching is also a key issue. Next, I will give you an analysis that the most suitable style of bra in summer.

A. The thickness of the bra

In order to save the temperature of the breast, the bra worn in winter is generally thicker, but the summer is not the same. If you wear a thick pad style bra at this time, it is a bit wrong, the breast can not be cooled very well. The breast temperature is too high. At this time, the breast can't breathe and the flow of sweat is absorbed by the thick chest pad. In a humid environment, it is easy to cause inflammation of the breast, and itching of the skin.

So choose some light padded bra can make your breasts feel more comfortable.

B. The color of bra

In the summer, many girls like to wear light-colored clothes, because light colors are not easy to absorb heat, it is more heat-resistant than dark clothes. Light-colored clothes are more suitable for summer, cause they look cool and dry. Therefore, the bra should also choose a light color, it is not easy to see through it to avoid awkwardly.

C. Choose according to the style of clothes

It is very important to choose according to the style of clothes. Here are a few common clothes styles for your reference.

a) One-neckline clothes

It is recommended to choose strapless bras, invisible bras, and chest stickers.

b) V-necked clothes

It is recommended to choose triangle bras and 1/2 cup bras. 

c) Sports clothes

Wearing a sports bra can better protect the chest at this time.

Of course, there are differences in the choice of underwear styles due to changes in chest type at different ages, but what you have to remember is that it is most important to make your breasts feel comfortable.

May 04, 2019 — Jessica wang
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