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The first thing that many women return home every day is to take off the bra. Some women even don't wear bra directly. But actually,if it is not worn for a long time, it will cause a lot of harm to women's breasts.

What harm does it cause if you don’t wear bra for a long time?

A.Causing breast sagging

One of the most important roles of women's  bra is to maintain the curvature and shape of the chest, and the chest will be more fully fit. If you do not wear bras for a long time due to the fear of trouble, it is easy to cause the female chest to sag and shape, affecting the blood circulation of the chest. In the long run, the chest is easy to deformed and flattened.

Therefore, we had better wear the underwired bra to give enough support to the chest.

B.Lost protection

Bra also has an important role in protecting the breasts, preventing chest friction and skin damage. The structure of the underwear includes a pure cotton chest pad, etc., which can resist many external factors in the accidental moment. Since the breast belongs to a delicate soft organ, the cotton padded bra can avoid accidental impact, puncture and other impacts to protect the breast health.

C.Chest injury

When you go out, you will inevitably need to run and shake vigorously. If women do not wear bras, it will cause the chest to shake. After a long time, it will break the connective tissue and cause chest damage and sagging. And the breast will directly touch the clothes, causing repeated rubbing of the local skin. It will easily cause skin damage and inflammation and cause breast disease.

In fact, women do not wear bra occasionally , can make the chest in a relaxed state, to ensure normal chest blood circulation and reduce pain, but do not wear bras in long term will cause many problems to the chest.

Of course, if you feel wearing bra makes you feel bound, you can try some wirefree bras, you will like them.

April 26, 2019 — Jessica wang
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