Currently, lingerie's sales volume of neutral and skin color are increasing. Although the color of each season is changing, white, black and nude shades always appear in the colors of the best-selling lingerie.

The comfortable style of nude tones gives a sense of realism close to nature, shaping the body with vision through the true color closest to the skin. The popularity of nude and natural color underwear is also the expression of the current consumer psychology, which not only reflects the desire of people to embrace nature, but also the expression of consumers respecting nature and facing themselves.

In the hot summer days, in addition to the matching of external clothing, it is necessary to pay attention to the style and color of the underwear. Try to choose a light, breathable, color-filled underwear. This not only coordinates with the overall wear but also avoids the embarrassment when the underwear is exposed. Remember, the confidence and charm of women are all emitted from the “inside”.

April 02, 2019 — Jessica wang
Tags: Store News

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