Many women are troubled by their big breasts and can't find a bra that is really fit for them. In fact, the biggest requirement for heavy breast women in bra supports.If their chest is not well supported, it is easy to cause problems such as sagging breasts.

So which type of bra is better for the heavy breast? So let's figure out this problem now.

The first one is full coverage bras, which can greatly cover the breasts, show the natural curve. At the same time, it can give you the right lift and support to your assets which makes you look great in that stunning T-shirt of yours.

The second one is the minimizer bras. A minimizer bra is a bra that makes the bust look smaller and lends a more slender silhouette. In fact, the minimizer bra allows the breast to fit snugly against the body by using a stronger and more comfortable material, making the chest look smaller.

This kind of bra is very suitable for some women who want to make their body proportions more harmonious when wearing some special clothes.

Seeing this, maybe you are thinking, can't you wear sexy lace underwear on the heavy breasts? No, of course not! I believe many women will like Victorias Secret's bra because they are very sexy and gorgeous.

There also have some full coverage bra which has charming floral lace. And the point is, they also have good support and comfortable fabric, isn't this very exciting?

So, some times heavy breasts do not mean very hard to choose proper bra. In fact, after knowing how to choose, it will be much more easy to buy.

April 02, 2019 — Jessica wang
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