Brand Story

WingsLove is born from the experiences of our co-founder, Lily -- a vibrant, confident, and independent woman. As a female professional, Lily was in need of undergarments that moved and felt like her natural form -- something that would represent her personal character, appeal, and grace.
However, nothing from the lingerie market quite captured what she was looking for. The current fashion industry heavily emphasized sexuality to define a woman’s value. Majority of lingerie brands sacrificed comfort and variety in favor of sexuality and perfect bodies. Due to this reason, Lily, like many women, was frustrated whenever she was shopping for underwear.

About WingsLove 

By chance, Lily met Wang, a co-founder of WingsLove. As an underwear designer, Wang shared Lily’ s belief that the industry needs to be changed its definition of “beauty”, when it came to undergarments. Together they started WingsLove and carefully designed cozy underwear with an eye on the variety of shapes and curves with the aim at inspiring women to be confident and secure about their bodies.

“WingsLove” uses Wings to mean Freedom and Independence, and Love conveys Esteem and Respect that the company has towards women. WingsLove is envisioned as a brand whose designs to inspire a woman’s proudly unparalleled value, represent her unique beauty, and say that she is loved by the world.