About Us

About us

WingsLove is a leading lingerie brand founded in 2004 by a young couple. They are committed to bringing the most comfortable lingerie with affordable prices to women.

Over the past 15 years, WingsLove team continues to discover better materials for our lingerie, and spares no effort to design different styles of lingerie to meet different kinds of women’s need, making women feel comfortable, no burden, and looking more beautiful is the mission of WingsLove.

This brief has always been engraved in the inner hearts of every WingsLove staff. Which makes us earned a lot of loyal customers from all over the world, especially from US, CA and EU counties.


Our Brand Story:

WingsLove is born from the experiences of our co-founder, Lily -- a vibrant, confident, and independent woman. As a female professional, Lily was in need of undergarments that moved and felt like her natural form -- something that would represent her personal character, appeal, and grace.

However, nothing from the lingerie market quite captured what she was looking for. The current fashion industry heavily emphasized sexuality to define a woman’s value. Many of the major lingerie brands sacrificed comfort and variety in favor of sexuality and perfect bodies. Because of this, Lily, like many women, was frustrated whenever she shopped for underwear.

By chance, Lily met Mr. Wang, a co-founder of WingsLove with Lily. As an underwear designer, Wang shared Lily’ s belief that the industry needed to change its definition of “beauty”, when it came to undergarments. Together they started WingsLove and carefully designed cozy underwear with an eye on the variety of shapes and curves and the aim of inspiring women to be confident and secure about their bodies.

“WingsLove” uses Wings to mean Freedom and Independence, and Love conveys Esteem and Respect the company has towards women. WingsLove is envisioned as a brand whose designs inspire a woman’s proudly unparalleled value, represent her unique beauty, and say that she is loved by the world.


WingLove will Keep doing:

The appeal of "WingsLove" originated in its delicate materials, like the pure cotton the intricate hand-sewn lace, luxurious silk, beautiful embroidery craft and so on, make all the lingerie products of great care and appreciation of the female.

WingsLove is also committed to helping women find bras that fit just right. We believe so strongly in the importance of a good fit that we have trained a group of consultants to take accurate measurements and assist customers in choosing the styles that will work best for their body types and lifestyles.