Does the sports bra suitable for daily wear?

Sports bras play a fixed role to make the chest and body keep closer by the external force, there and then reducing the movement and shaking of the chest when doing excise.

Most of sports bra is wire-free, without the support of the steel ring, the left and right side cups cannot wrap the breast independently, so they are pressed on the breast in a one-piece state.

Compared to the normal wire-free bra, in order to reduce the impact of exercise, the binding force of is sports bras strengthened, and the pressure on the chest is also strengthened.

If you wear it for a long time, it will press the chest, and there is no steel ring fixed on the side of the auxiliary breast, you will feel that the breast shape will change from concentrated to full and flattened, which is difficult to recover.

Therefore, sports bras should be worn during exercise and are not suitable for everyday wear.

sports bra

How to choose the fittest Sports bra?

1. Different types of chest should choose different kinds of style
In principle, women with small breasts should choose a compression style, which is usually one piece with no seams in the middle. This style will flatten the breasts, and keep them close to each other to prevent shaking during exercise.

Women with big breasts should choose a style with separate cups. Separate cups usually have reinforced support elements, such as extra stitches, so that the left and right breasts can stay in the cup to reduce the vibration.

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2. Don’t choose 100% pure cotton sports bra
Pure cotton is too absorbent, which will become heavy after being wet by sweat. After being soaked, it clings to the body, which looks ugly and inconvenient to exercise.

high impact sports bra

Therefore, if you see someone looks like a sports bra on the market, but it is pure cotton fabric, then even if it looks similar to a sports bra, it must be just an ordinary basic bra made of sports bra elements, not a real sports bra.

The real sports bra must be made of chemical fiber fabric with strong water absorption function, and also use different fabrics according to different sweat absorb.

3.Can not cause any discomfort to the skin
Usually, sports bras are made of more than two layers of fabrics, and the workmanship will pay special attention to the inner seams which are not too hard or too thick, and will not make you feel uncomfortable when tightly attached to the skin.

The high-quality sports bra should make you unaware of its existence, which seems to be part of your body. If there is a zipper or hook on the sports bra, you should choose the one that does not touch the skin to avoid sensitivity or uncomfortable.

medium impact sports bra

4. Choose bras according to sport types and hobbies
Choosing different sports bra according to your sports type is a new concept of in recent years, Because the vibration amplitude and direction of the chest are different, such as marathon and pilates, or yoga.

In a marathon, the breast vibrates greatly, and the direction of vibration is up and down. while in yoga, the breast is mainly stretched. Different sports should choose the corresponding bra, from left to right are swimming, tennis, yoga.

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Firstly, the sports bra has developed three different support strength, there are light, moderate and high. Each intensity is subdivided into three levels of low, medium and high coverage of the breast, after various arrangements and combinations.

The support and coverage can be adapted to a variety of sports. In general, the higher degree of support + coverage, the higher of adapted exercise intensity and sweating.

You can compare the following pictures to choose the fittest sports underwear:
Light support + low coverage, suitable for yoga

Low support + medium coverage, suitable for general fitness

Medium support + medium coverage, suitable for general running and jumping

High support + medium coverage, suitable for long-distance running

low impact sports bra

full coverage sports bra

In addition, what surprised women most is that the colors and styles of sports bras are changing. It is not only comfortable but also fashionable now. Wearing a sports bra and running at the park in the morning, or going to the gym for fitness ha become something to be expected for women.

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April 07, 2020 — Lily Wang

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